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6 reasons why entry level jobs are terrible

Some of the reasons why being an intern isn't the best job in the world

Here are some of the reasons why entry level jobs are terrible.

The low pay

For most entry level jobs, you are paid a pittance for all your work. In some jobs, you may even be doing as much work as your “seniors” and yet you are paid a very small percentage of the gross pay for the position you are eyeing.


The routine

For most office jobs, the routine is the same. Report at 8 sharp, have a strict half hour lunch break and two fifteen minute tea breaks. And only do the work. In some companies, the codes of conduct are rather inflexible. Dictating which websites you can or can’t visit, when you can use your phone and if you can even read the day’s newspaper.


In some companies, you’re there to fill a quota. Your skill set is under used or misused. In other instances you find yourself forced to stick to your duties with no room for exploration or even a chance to interact with employees from other departments.



When you’re an entry level worker, you probably are the errand person. Whatever needs to be bought- you have to make the trip. You exist as a glorified lackey.

No room for growth

Due to the lack of opportunities, you barely have room to show your merit. There are even instances where your position is entirely temporary. You have no other place to go after your gig.

Punching bag

The problem with being low level entrant into a company is the fact that sometimes, you are your supervisor’s whipping boy. Or any senior official, really. You become the go-to stress reliever for their work related stress.


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