5 ways to deal with job rejection

What to do when you don't get the job.

It's an inevitability that should be accepted as easily as loud matatus.

But there are a few ways to cope through it and learn from it- especially if the rejection was due to your conduct.

Here are 5 ways to deal with job rejection.

1. Allow for the possibility of rejection

Don't count on getting hired or pin all your hopes on the one job that called you for the interview. Sometimes things can just fail to work out. Have a back up plan should the job not come through. Keep applying for other jobs.

2. Ask for feedback

After receiving the rejection call or email, always try to send a follow up email to figure out why they may not have hired you. The request should be polite and not demanding. This way you can know where you need to improve yourself.

3. Go for your strengths

Rather than deal with your perceived faults or weaknesses, seek jobs that play more to your line of skill and passion.

4. Don't lose momentum

Keep up with the job search. Don't wallow. Continue to network. Participate in events that have to do with your chosen field. Try to publish or showcase work relevant to your field. Keep moving forward with your exposure.

5. Don't turn to anger

Anger leads people to do silly things. You may end up burning bridges with a potential recruiter. If a company rejected you, don't use derogatory remarks on social media or call them names.


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