6 tips on saving money while on vacation

With good planning, you can cut down cost on your next vacation and still have a swell time.

Here are ways you can save on your next travelling expenditure

1. Stick to a budget plan

Having a budget plan for travelling is very important.

Create a budget for your trip and stick to the budget. Know what to spend money on and what you can save on.

2. Know about your destination before travelling

Do your homework and research about the destination before even thinking of booking your flight.

It makes you prepare your mind and your pocket before travelling and it also makes you know what is best for you when you eventually get to your destination.

3. Stay outside a city

Things are always expensive in the city because of the attractions, so it is advisable to stay somewhere not too far from the city which is quite cheaper.

You can go into the city every day and go back to your apartment after the day's activity.

4. Rent an apartment instead of a hotel room

It's always expensive staying in a hotel room and having to pay for spending a night every day.

It is best to rent a service apartment when you travel, it is cheaper than staying in a hotel throughout the whole vacation.

5. Buy from local stores

When you go on your next trip buy from the local store or a farm store.

Prices at local stores are always lower than the price of a restaurant. It also gives you the opportunity to try out local dishes. You could also get fresh food you can cook when you get back to your apartment, instead of eating out at expensive restaurants.

6. Cook instead of eating out

It won't be a bad idea to treat yourself sometimes to breakfast, lunch or dinner at a fancy restaurant but don't do this often.

Get food stuffs from where the locals get their foodstuffs, take it back to your apartment and cook. Eating out all the time, would drain your wallet. Try to avoid it.


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