Nairobi Governor, Dr. Evans Kidero put on spot for not acting on illegal parking gang’s

Dr. Kidero, put on the spot for not acting on illegal parking gang’s within the Central Business District (CBD).


Nairobi residents are a frustrated lot, and they blame one man and one man alone for their misery, Nairobi governor, Dr. Evans Kidero.

Dr. Kidero has been put on the spot for not acting on illegal parking gang’s within the Central Business District (CBD).

For the better part of Monday afternoon, the #NairobiParkingGangs was trending with hundreds of Kenyans venting out their frustrations at the hands of the parking boys ‘gangs’.

popular blogger, Robert Alai popped up the question to the governor of Nairobi through his twitter handle, wishing to know what the man charged with the welfare of Nairobi residents was doing to tackle the parking gang menace.

Alai noted that many Nairobian’s have been forced to pay double every time they park within the CBD, one to county government and another payment to the menacing marauding parking boys.

Fellow Kenyans on twitter took the chance to also share their parking experience.

Under the law, only the county officials are the only ones mandated by law to direct and assist motorist to park, collect parking fees and provide adequate security for one’s vehicle once they have paid their parking fees.

However it seem that county government of Nairobi does not care a hoot about taxpayers Kenyans within Nairobi County! because now, Nairobi parking gang are the ones running the show, they will direct you where to park, sometimes even forcing motorists to a designated parking space of their choice, where one will have to part way with a substantial amount of money for your car to be safe and secure. Failure to do so and your car will be properly ransacked and vandalized.

Early this year Nairobi County introduce an online form of parking payment called ejijipay, but the payment portal experiences technical challenges and hang ups most of the time proofing unpopular.


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