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11 things you can do to make a slow work day go faster

How to pass time on a slow work day

There’s usually little work but there’s a bit of a strict schedule to adhere to.

However, there are some fool proof methods to make the day go by faster.

Start a praise and worship session


People always respond to this. Especially if you work in an office where the standard greeting is, “Bwana asifiwe.”

Go on YouTube

If your organisation doesn’t have a strict internet use policy, then go on YouTube. It’s a smorgasbord of engaging content from DIYs to listicles to latest movie trailers. There is also the very entertaining YouTube comment section.

Play online quizzes

Are you a Hufflepuff or a Slytherin? The slow day may be a good day to find out. You can also find out which Empire cast member you are.


Start an argument

You can start an engaging discussion that gets people’s passions inflamed. From sports to why Infinix phones are the worst.

Schedule a meeting to organise your next meeting

If you are in a position of power, you can hold a meeting with your peers or subordinates where you can discuss the agenda of your next conference. And catch up with your team while you’re at it.

Look at food pics


Visit websites where food is displayed. Others even have recipe GIFs which last 60s or less.

Make a shopping list of things you’ll never buy or can’t afford

It’s probably longer than your wish list.

Practise seat postures

Have a blast changing the settings of your office chair.


Play around with your coffee on your coffee break

Having been on Pinterest and examining different coffee posts, figure out how to make that spicy caramel macchiato. Or play around with the beverages available.

Take a snack break after your snack break

Once ten o’clock tea has been served, leave your desk for a few minutes to go look for biscuits at the kiosks near your offices.

Catch up on news


Read all five newspapers delivered to your office. Log on to all news sites and see what is happening around you.

That should help your slow day go a bit faster.


Unblock notifications in browser settings.

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