Struggles of being a petite woman in the office

The struggle is too real.

And petite women in the workplace can totally relate to these disadvantages.

A young lady got the opportunity to work in the company of her dreams. She was pumped and ready to give it her all in the company until one comment by one of the bosses threw her off her game for a bit.

The boss stopped her one day before their early morning meeting and while she thought he was going to comment on her work he instead asked her how old she was. She took the question lightly as she is used to receiving such questions and told him her age.

What made things worse was the fact that he went on to tell her that she didn’t belong there because of her body size.

Now the scenario may seem trivial to many but for that young lady, it could act as a hindrance in their progression at work.

1.Easily overlooked

A client comes to the workplace and overlooks you and reaches out to the taller person on bigger bodied person because they think that they are the ones in charge when in real sense it is you that is in charge.

2.No one takes you seriously

Ever. You’re always made to seem like a pet or a little child because of your small size.

3.You are always being doubted

No one can take your word for it. It’s as if your body doesn’t exude enough seriousness for someone to believe a word you say so they have to confirm it from someone else.

4.Respect is foreign

Petite women always feel the need to raise their voices a little higher – not literally – or find themselves trying that much harder to earn the respect of other in the workplace. Everyone always assumes that you are younger than you are.


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