Private sector moves to safeguard kenyan economy by ensuring peaceful 2017 elections

In a bid to cushion the Kenyan economy from upsets of the 2017 general elections, the private sector move to lay down measures to ensure a peaceful election.


In a bid to cushion the Kenyan economy from upsets before the 2017 general elections, the private sector have invited the government to plan in advance after all failure to plan is planning to fail right!

The private sector, state officers and elected leaders will meet in Mombasa this week for talks on ensuring next year’s August general elections is peaceful.

A communication letter from the Kenya Private Sector Alliance sent to MPs inviting them to the December 1-3 retreat in Mombasa requests the pleasure of the lawmakers to ensure a smooth peaceful general election.

“It allows leaders to share strategies on ensuring the 2017 general elections are not only peaceful, but also held in a manner that would guarantee national cohesion and unity for socioeconomic development,” the letter reads.

Due to political campaigns and rhetoric’s which carry the risk of promoting tribal hatred leading to clashes which ultimately undermines investor confidence and threaten national security and stability resulting to the economy taking a hit.

Agencies charged with overseeing elections, such as the IEBC, the Registrar of Political Parties, the Supreme Court and security agencies, have all been invited to the event.

Due to the hard stance many politicians take without mentioning the tribal mobilization every election year, all business normally come to a standstill resulting to billions of losses.

Farming which is one of Kenya’s main backbone of the economy usually take a big hit as farmers adopts a wait-and-see attitude or some even leave areas which they have invested heavily until the outcome of the election is clear.

Tourism is another venture which also greatly suffers whenever electioneering period is around the corner, since foreign visitors avoid visiting Kenya for fear of post-election violence.

A slowdown in economic activity obviously has a knock-on effect which ends up affecting everybody, including lower tax revenue, which means there are less resources to deliver services.


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