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7 habits of highly unsuccessful hustlers

How we cost save when we're really broke

Your days constantly feature hustling and grinding. And while it’s admirable, it’s often highly unsuccessful. Before your “big break” happens in your chosen profession you’re probably constantly running on fumes.

These are the habits of perpetually broke people.

You look at the price first


Whether you’re having a meal at a restaurant or stocking the house with supplies, you always look at the price tag first. Gone are the days when you would only buy Ranee Rice or Persil Washing Powder. Now you only care about what’s cheaper and more.

You walk to save money

There comes a time when you have to choose between eating that smokie at the vendor next to your job and walking. Because you probably can’t afford the full fare anyway, you leave home earlier so that you can eat that extra ndazi.

You use two pairs of shoes

To ensure you don’t have to keep fixing or cleaning your shoes, you only use two pairs. There is the work pair that you ensured was as long lasting as toughees. Then there is the cute pair which you wear to events or on dates. Your Sunday best pair.


You borrow money to pay bills

Your biggest expenses are your bills. Data, power, water and rent are the most important bills to clear. Should their due date find you unfinanced, you will borrow money to clear those bills. Debts are easier to deal with than bills.

You skip meals

Because your types of cost saving have to be creative, one of the more practical ones is skipping meals. If you work at a place where they don’t provide you with meals, you will skip lunch so as not buy anything. If they provide you with meals, you skip lunch and carry the free grub for supper.


You live for free samples and offers

While you are suspicious of free stuff where trying a sample comes with the stipulation that you make a purchase, you are always aware of the legitimate buy one get one free offers.

You live for community spirit

When you and your peers need to partake in some revelry, you cost share a mzinga and even measure the amount everyone gets with the greatest contributor getting the largest shot.


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