7 tips to extend your smart phone battery life

You need to try it

With the current battery technology, you can hardly go for over 24 hours without having to recharge your phone. Even though your smart phone battery cannot last a lifetime, you can at least use some tips to lengthen its lifetime and reduce the frequency of recharging.

Try out these tips to improve your smart phone battery life:

1. Dark wallpapers

Use black or dark colored wall papers instead of the bright colored ones. To illuminate the colored pixels, more energy is needed thus draining your battery while little energy is required for back wall papers. Also, static wall papers are better in terms of energy saving compared to live wall papers.

2. Turn off vibration

In as much as we love getting notifications through vibration mode instead of ringing, vibration saps more energy from your battery. If you want your battery to last longer, switch off the vibration mode.

3. Enable power saving mode

Most smart phones come with the option of switching your phone into power saving mode. Other phones will automatically switch to power saving mode once the battery power gets to 20%. To make it last longer, however, you can set your phone to always switch to the saving mode at maybe 40%.

4. Airplane mode

Switching your phone to airplane mode may shut you from the rest of the world but it helps improve your battery’s life. You can switch it to airplane mode when you are asleep, travelling or any other time you do not need it.

5. Disable wireless features

Wireless features such as Bluetooth, GPS, and wifi need not be on unless you are using them. Else, they will only be draining your battery.

6. Room temperature

Your battery is safe at room temperature and extremely low or high temperatures can cause permanent damage.

7. Screen brightness

Manually change your screen brightness and set it to the dimmest but most comfortable state. If you are not using it, you can make it as dim as possible to save energy.


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