10 cool gifts you can get your teenage son or daughter on their birthday

Surprise your teen with one of these affordable gifts

The teenage phase is said to be the trickiest as this is the time one can easily make or break their life. Teenagers can be super rebellious, they're neither kids, nor adults yet and you gotta handle them with care and also be understanding. If you have a teenage son or daughter and you're always racking your brain on what to get them for their birthday, fret not, we got you! One thing you must understand about teenagers is what they like, teens are all about technology, trends and anything cool and so when you're buying a gift, think of something gadget-ey, hip and cool.

Here are a few affordable ideas:

1. Cool headphones.

You can get really nice headphones from shops that stock gadgets. If it's a teenage girl you could go for vibrant colors such as burgundy headphones or electric blue ones. Teens are always on their phones and listening to music is part of their hobbies so a pair of headphones is definitely a thoughtful gift.

2. Still on phones, a cool phone cover.

Get them a personalized phone cover say with their favorite photo. In this day and age, it's okay for teens to have phones you're better off being in communication and knowing what they're up to than being in the dark.

3. A portable power bank.

You really don't want to call your teenage child and they're mteja for hours right?

4. A cool watch.

It doesn't have to be expensive you can get a normal watch but with an edgy strap such as a Masai beaded strap.

5. A trendy backpack.

Teens are always meeting up with their friends to do their own shenanigans be it studying or just playing games and socializing. A cool backpack will come in handy for their everyday use. Go for something contemporary such as an African print or Aztec print backpack, something with a little bit of flair.

6. A board game.

When friends come over, keep them busy with a nice board game that will make them forget to check their phones.

7. A portable speaker.

8. A nice perfume.

Teenagers sweat excessively due to puberty and this can lead to self esteem issues. Ensure that they always have a deo and a nice perfume.

9. A new pair of Adidas or Converse sneakers.

Comfy, trendy and they can be paired with most teenage friendly outfits.

10. A trip.

We could all use a holiday to unwind, even teenagers...book a flight to Mombasa and go enjoy mommy-son or mommy-daughter time and have a talk with your child to find out what they're upto and get them to open up to you on anything going on in their lives.


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