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6 unsolved cases that have shook Kenyans

They were killed, others dissappeared and no one knows why and by whom.

Here’s 6 mystery cases that are yet to be solved.

1. The Artur brothers

In 2006,home of TV channel KTN, Standard Group Media was attacked by what the Internal Security Minister described as a government operation. Nine years later the same media house did an expose connect their attack to another they had done dubbed Paruwahi la Mihadarati that unveiled Kenya’s largest cocaine haul. The Artur brothers were declared mercenaries brought into the country by Rogue government official by multiple sources and a warning from Intapol. Apparently they were sent as pretend security enforcers only they were working for high profile drug traffickers who wanted to recover Sh6.4 billion worth of cocaine being held in Kenya. Past their deportation, no one really knows who exactly was behind the Artur Brothers other than it was someone in the government.


2. Jacob Juma

On 6th May 2016, Kenyans woke up to the bone chilling news that business man and renowned government critic had been shot dead by unknown gunmen near Lenana school, Nairobi. Details of what might have caused his death remain unknown, however, NASA head Raila Oding’a who was a close ally of Jacob Juma claimed that his death was to silence him from speaking about the then trending Eurobond Saga. To make things a bit more spooky, 6 more people were said to have been killed in order to hide Jacob’s murderers. This includes Cyrus Jirongo’s daughter’s boyfriend, Cameron who was shot down in a mall and a text sent to her as a warning for her to keep quiet or else.

3. Czar

Back in 2003 he took Kenya by storm with his popping song, Amka Ukatike only his fame was short lived. Czars formally known as Mohammed Abdul Karim disappeared without a trace on Friday the 13th October 2006. His father Mr Abdulkarim Makasi denied all claims that the young star had reemerged last year. Czar was 17 years old at the time of his disappearance.

4. Lawyer butchers sons in cult


After 11 days of frantic searching by the whole country, Kenyans received the heart wrenching news that the two missing boys found dumped inside Tatu City farm in Ruiru. A lawyer named Paul Magu had murdered his family before committing suicide. Paul was said to be a staunch follower of a controversial Nigerian Church. His passport showed that the 35 year old father of three and husband to deceased Lydia Magu had travelled to Nigeria 20 times to attend the church that had been connect to occult. On 23 November Lydia went missing only for her body to be found dumped in a thicket near Paradise Lost on Kiambu road. The next day he left with his three children. Magu is sad to have thrown himself in front a moving bus and got killed. On 1 December the body of his 5 year old daughter was found badly mutilated in a coffee plantation in Ruiru. A close family friend was declared a suspect by the police but no one ever found out what made the man of law slaughter his own family. They were all buried in one big grave.

5. Bongoko Bosire

On September 18, 2013 the author of Jackal News went mysteriously went missing, never to be seen again. His website gained popularity by publishing juicy details of high profile personalities especially those in the government. His house mate, a cousin informed his family that Bongoko has not been seen for two days. His younger brother Elkana phone Bongoko’s best friend Dennis Itumbi the Senior Director of Innovation, Digital and Diaspora Communication in the Office of the President of the Republic of Kenya, who stated that he had not been with the missing journalist and was also looking for him. A few days later the West Gate killing happened and Elkana even though he knew his brother was not part of the killing went to the mortuary to look for his body but to no avail. Their efforts to look for him using his Safaricom line bore no fruit as the company claimed that it was impossible to trace him. Rumour has it that his disappearance was because he posted the list of President Uhuru’s list of witnesses from the ICC case. Still no has evidence of what happened to Dickson Bongoko Bosire.

6. Louis Otieno’s case

Former KTN news anchor Louis Otieno’s 2012 Valentine came with a red letter. His lover Careen Chepchumba was found dead in bed at her apartment by her brother. Next to her bed was a letter addressed to Louis stating, “I wish they would let me do my way. Even if we were not together, you are still in my heart. You will still remain so dear to me Louis.”


To make it worse, the autopsy showed that someone had has sex with Careen before killing her and leaving undetected.

Though he was not formally charged, Louis’ career in the media came to an abrupt halt. Still, no one really knows who killed Careen.


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