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10 exciting ideas for your new year resolutions

Happy New Year 2019!


How many times have you set a long list of New Year resolutions and failed to achieve most of them? Could be you have been setting things that are beyond your reach, making boring resolutions or simply slacking all year long.

In case you are wondering what to include in your list of 2019 resolutions, we have a list of amazing ideas you can choose from:

1. Read more

How many books did you read in 2018? You could set a higher target or actually start reading if you haven’t been doing so.


2. Do something new each week

Doing something new a day may be quite demanding but you can at least ensure you do something new every week. For instance, you can try a new recipe, take some minutes meditating, use a different route to work or take an online challenge. New things will challenge you, expand your thinking as well as expose you to new opportunities.

3. Charity work

Contribute to the needy in the society, offer your services for free or just help someone who cannot repay you. You will be surprised at how fulfilling it is to touch lives of people.


4. Saving

It’s easier said than done. But that’s not to say that it’s not doable. You can take up a challenge such as the 52 weeks challenge and do something with the money at the end of the air. You could also try home banking.

5. Have more dates with old friends and family

We all reach for the phone each time we miss our loved ones. While that’s still good, it’s great to meet them in person at least once in a while.


6. Healthy eating

Ditch all your poor eating habits and focus on healthy eating. You can try a challenge such as eating a vegetarian diet three times a week.

7. Learn a new skill

There is always something new to learn. Learn a new language, how to bake a cake, how to perfect the act of making chapatis or something you have always desired to learn.

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8. Travel

Traveling is exciting and it’s also an opportunity to learn and rejuvenate your mind and soul.

9. Start a business

You have been employed for years now but what do you have to show for all the earnings and savings you have been making? If you use more money on leisure and luxuries, you can cut the budget and instead start a side hustle.


10. Ditch a bad habit

Try and get rid of at least one bad habit. Whether it’s being late for work, picking fights with people in night clubs, drinking too much or not sleeping enough, it can be done.


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