Here’s the secret to great skin for your whole family

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Mositurizing skin (Photo courtesy of Standard Media)

In today’s world where a lot is happening, our skin goes through a lot. These stresses of life are often lodged as discomforts on our skin and in our body, sometimes emotionally and/or physically. The physical discomfort can manifest as the skin experiencing loss of moisture amongst other things. As we know, a healthy family is a happy family so how can you ensure that your skin care needs as a family is well taken care of?

While skincare solutions might be different for each person & problem, a caring touch from the NIVEA Petroleum Jelly Essence is one solution we can start with. It contains Glycerine which help keeps your skin moisturized, the product is non-greasy and does not leave a layer on your skin that can attract dust or clog your pores and it leaves your skin looking and feeling quite supple and well cared for.

Sometimes the solution to these stresses your body expresses may be a caring touch (physically or emotionally)- having your hand held, a hug from a loved one, a reassuring pat on the back, an appreciative gift or a helping hand . Your skin also deserves a caring touch.

There are 4 variants: Which do you prefer?

1. The Pure variant of the NIVEA Petroleum Jelly Essence is an ode to the old, good times but with a new touch. It’s your trusted companion, now enriched with glycerine.

2. The Cocoa variant of the NIVEA Petroleum Jelly Essence spreads like a charm and leaves your skin with the indulgent cocoa butter scent.

3. The Aloe variant of the NIVEA Petroleum Jelly Essence hydrates and gently cares for your skin.

4. The Vitamin E variant of the NIVEA Petroleum Jelly Essence softens the skin, making it healthier and more resilient.


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