7 really embarrassing things that can happen during sex

Welp, that was awkward

In reality, it can be a lot less- sophisticated.

Here are 7 embarrassing things that happen during sex a lot.

Hair in the teeth

Cunning linguistics and the job of blowing requires the mouth in the genital area. And sometimes you may skip shaving day and bae probably doesn’t like anything sharp near his goods. This could lead to wiry little black (or brown) hairs getting stuck in your teeth.

When your pet is a voyeur

So you and bae get to making out. You’re turned on and can’t see or even be brought to care about anything around you. But just as things are about to get good, you hear a whine. And there is Tusker at your bedroom door staring at you with his head cocked.


It happens. It only gets uncomfortable if it’s the kind of fart that comes from a steady diet of beans. Njahi, boiled eggs, liver and other foods that cause the human body to release types of methane that can be used as a weapon.

Vaginal farting

The vagina is a haven of maddening pleasure, the canal where birth happens and a place that can cause some very embarrassing faux pas. When a penis exits, sometimes air rushes in and the flesh around it vibrates. The weirdest part- it sounds like an actual fart.

When he misses

The vagina is straight forward, but sometimes things can get hectic and he misses. He either shoves his member at the surrounding skin or it tries to enter regions where even the sun isn’t welcome.

Ear worms

Ever found yourself in the middle of sex and this ridiculous just won’t get out of your head. And then you can’t remember it. And then you start singing out loud to try to remember the title. And then…

When he tears that sexy new lingerie that you just bought to surprise him and then you freak out because it was really expensive.


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