What to do when your child is sexting

Micromanage your babies with style.


And with good reason.

But while you can’t stop your child from using their phones when you are not around, there are ways to control and monitor your child’s mobile phone.

1. Highlight the dangers

It's not the kind of conversation you want to have but with the increasing number of hacking incidents and stealing of personal information off social media to bribe victims, it’s important to highlight the dangers of sending nudes and sexting to your children. Screenshots and forwards can be damaging.

2. Keep tabs

Limit how late in the night they can use their phone, the time to stop receiving phone calls. Make your monitoring airtight. It’s your responsibility to micromanage your children. They might hate you for it but hey, you caught them doing grown up things they shouldn’t have.

3. No passwords allowed

Don’t allow the use of passwords for any app on the phone. This will allow you to randomly check through texts and gallery without warning. It is your first line of defense, post having a talk about the negativities of sexting.

4. Use child protective apps

There are so many reliable parent control and cell monitoring apps available for purchase. You can’t put a price on your babies’ safety. These apps will alert you if your child is opening sites you’ve blocked and will stop them from viewing. Try Norton’s Family, Net Nanny, Best iOS Option and the many more.

5. Create their social media accounts using your email

This will back up their conversations on your email which you can later review. Take google for example, it can automatically save photos from your gadget to access from anywhere.

6. Punishment is helpful

Spare the rod and spoil the child. No, I’m not advocating for a good ol whipping (back in the day we knew of no other form of punishment) but confiscate the phone, ground your child or handle it like you would any other serious offense. While speaking and putting all these measures in place may help. Letting your child know that you are upset with their actions and offering a dire consequence will seal the deal and make them think twice before sending another naughty text.


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