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Using plus size ladies on adverts makes women feel better about themselves- Research

Women showed more satisfaction with their bodies after looking at plus size women.

Plus size model, Jezra M.

The study that was done in Florida State University selected 49 university aged women, all of them said that they wanted to be thinner.

Then they were shown different images of slender, average and plus size models before they were asked about how satisfied they were with their own bodies.

"By measuring psychophysiological responses during image exposure, we were able to gain insights into the real-time cognitive and emotional responses that unfold when women are exposed to different-size media fashion models," said lead author Dr Russell Clayton, assistant professor in the Florida State University School of Communication.


The results

According to Metro UK, the women were more likely to remember the average and plus size models as compared to the slender ones.

The women spent more time making comparisons between themselves and the slender models, paying less attention to how the models really look like.

When it came to the plus size and the average bodied the lasses were more keen to remember their facial features and made fewer comparisons to themselves. They reported feeling better about their bodies.

‘We found overwhelmingly that there is a clear psychological advantage when the media shows more realistic body types than the traditional thin model,’ said Dr Clayton.


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