10 reasons your boyfriend will dump you

And it will be entirely your fault.


So have you been losing men lately? Is every guy you're dating (even friends with benefits) ditching after a few weeks?

It might be your fault.

As much as each relationship is unique, there are things no man will stand in a relationship. So while your pretty face and gorgeous body (assuming he likes your mind too) will attract a man, you bad manners will have him running for someone else.

1. Listening to your friends

It's no lie, we are our own worst enemies.  As much as your girlfriends want the best for you and your man, taking every piece of advice they give you as gospel truth could destroy your relationship. Men want to be asked about their opinion. They want to be given a fighting chance when accused of misbehaving and they DO NOT WANT need to know what your friends think about them.

2. Too much doubt

Mistrust is one of the major causes of breakup in most relationships. With cheating becoming somewhat of a norm in the current society, one could understand the worry of being cheated upon. (It's happened to the best of us.) But if he has never given you a reason to doubt him or cheated on you before, then why bring the topic up at all? No, not all men are dogs and he is definitely not your ex but will be if you don't give him a chance.

3. Speaking of exes...

Could you keep yours from your conversations with your current boyfriend? While men don't mind listening to your adventures, they are not at all interested in your old flames. He doesn't want to know who hurt you, and he doesn't want your relationship compared to a previous one.

4. You don't listen

Just like you, your guy expects you to put into consideration every little detail of what he tells you. One of the mistakes we make as women is to think that we can get away with whatever we want just because we are girls. Meet a serious man and he'll put you in the spotlight for not listening... and later dump you if you can't change.

5. You are petty and violent

Slapping a guy, pouring your drink on his face or shouting at him in front of people is a no go zone. Put a lid on it until you can sort out your issues in private. Not only will he respect your problem-solving skills, he's bound to pick up on your big girl attitude and level up himself. Stay off the pettiness, no guy wants a drama queen and to be honest, it's not desirable at all.

6. You like to argue

Nothing kills vibe like a woman who wants to constantly argue. Everything is taken offensively, each comment has to have a hidden meaning with such women. You can't even crack a joke without being afraid of her 'catching feelings'.  No one wants to be in a relationship where they feel like they are walking on egg shells.

7. You have nothing polite to say

You want compliments but you keep reminding him that he's stomach is too big for your liking. Well, some single lady somewhere on his phonebook doesn't think so. Say something nice for once.

8. You don't have a stand of your own

Everything this he says is okay with you. He doesn't expect to have a mentally stimulating conversation with you. In fact, he can tell that you are as shallow as they come, no wonder he won't let you hang out with his friends. Find out what he likes and check it out. You might be shocked how much he's got to discuss.

9. Zero effort from your side

If he is the one always calling, always texting first and probably the only taking the other on dates then he'll be leaving soon. Just like women, the boys want to feel wanted and appreciated. Stop playing so hard to get and show him that you are down for him too.

10. You keep threatening to leave him

Err..... you are very replaceable. The world doesn't revolve around you and constantly threatening to dump him will make him ditch faster than you can say his sir name.


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