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7 clever ways to make him kiss you

Men can be clueless when it comes to reading the signs and moods.

Wrap your arms around his neck and don't stop staring at his lips.

Kinda frustrating huh?

Trying to mentally tame your inner fisi and maintain a nonchalant look when you really want to jump him is no easy task. (These men just don't get how intense fem hormones can be.)

It's no lie, men can be clueless when it comes to reading the signs and moods. Especially if he's looking for more than just a quick roll in the sheets. But while you don't want to look like a needy lady using placards to direct his moves (Too much Family Guy) there are a few ninja ways to get him puckering up for kisses.


Well, say goodbye to being left high and dry with these sneaky tricks.

1. Move in closer

Try to find an excuse to move closer to him. Lock your arms with his and lean in. If you're sitted then just scoot over like you just want to get comfy and relax. This tells that you are comfortable with him getting into your space and even encourage him to make a move and make out with you.

2. Stare into his eyes when he's talking

If you're seated close to each other, strike a deep conversation about a topic he can talk about passionately and at length. Men like to know you are interested in what they like. As he speaks, stare into his eyes and create a connection. When you've got this covered (pay attention class, this is important) slowly look down at lips like you want to nibble on them and then look back up at his eyes. If he won't scoop you up a like cave man on a hunt, he's bound to slide into a sizzling slow make out session.


3. Touch him

Most guys are freak out about kissing a girl because they are not sure if she wants to kiss him too. Touching him lightly and letting your fingers linger on his a sexy way to brew a steamy sexual tension that's bound to get your man out of his shy shell. Just get close to him and while you chat, keep that body touch light and teasing. He'll know what you want and thank your not so subtle clues in kind. *wink wink

4. Whisper in his ear

Nope, not the breathy I'd-like-to-sit-on-your-face kind of whisper (Down girl!).  Try something a bit more sweet and tender like, 'Thank you for taking me out' or 'I really like your cologne'. That should spike his interest to explore. Men love the hunt, give him something to pursue.

5. Kiss him on his cheek for no reason


Ps: You've got to do this right. It is not foolproof.

If you just give his a quick kiss on his cheek and laugh about it, then he'll probably think that he's made the first move but not good enough to go the whole way.

However, if you take your time, lean in for a slow kiss and linger, it will create enough heat to make him turn around and kiss your lips.

6. Take your time with the goodbye kiss

Usually, it's a quick small polite peck to say thank you but if you're a greedy little lady with a good appetite for a saucy kiss then you how you initiate that goodbye kiss really matters. (Passes over the popcorn*  It's about to get dramatic)


Let the conversation end with a dramatic silence for a heartbeat while you stare at him, building a connection. Then looking at his lips, slowly move in for the kill by gently wrapping your arms around his neck or tagging him down by his collar. (Don't stop staring at his lips hungrily!) Then slowly sample before tagging a bit harder for a deeper kiss.

7. Ask him if you can kiss him

It's a such a guy move and very dangerous because he might find it too direct. But if it works then you've earned yourself a few minutes of sweet tongue twisting and you man's respect for speaking out your mind. Some men like it when you take control if he's a freak like that (or you think he is) then kiss away baby girl.


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