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10 reasons you should not date a really hot guy

Hot men are work!


But it’s cool cause beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people want a 6ft tall buff guy with a face that’s stamped with the beauty mark, and a head full of hair; hashtag no bald zone. Others however, will settle for anything that basically has a penis between the legs. After all, our purpose is to fill the earth ay? If you like your men yummy and fine, and if you have had the pleasure of dating one, then you can concur that, while they’re gorgeous and will probably give you fine ass babies, it’s not always a walk in the park to date them. Indeed, there are struggles of dating a really hot guy such as:

1. First of all, you will have to deal with all the other women who want him, knowing very well that he’s taken.

2. And, all the thirsty comments and DMs on is social media platforms.


3. Because of that, it may create major trust issues. Since he’s so fine, you will start to second guess yourself and assume he’s giving in to the pressure of other women.

4. Everyone will objectify him.

Your friends will shamelessly and blatantly tell you how “He can gerrit.”


5. Basically, you can’t even argue with him in peace.

If he decides to leave you, it’s your loss boo.

6. Some friends will try to sabotage your relationship so that you can break up and they can take over from where you left.

You have to be weary of some of the snakes in your clique.


7. Hot guys know that they’re hot. The problem with that is that they may have a big ego, which sucks.

You definitely don’t wanna spend the rest of your life with someone who feels so entitled simply because he’s good looking.

8. He’s probably high maintenance.

While some people are born naturally hot, others have to maintain that look. So, expect him to spend a lot of time taking care of himself, like getting his hair cut, beard trimmed, nails manicured and shopping for clothes and face routine products etc. I mean, it takes effort to maintain that look!


9. You will ignore all the deal breakers simply cause he’s too hot.

Why do you think so many girls have dated a bad boy at least once? We know they’re bad for us, all the signs are clear, but we go ahead and ignore the red flags cause we are distracted by how hot they are.

10. He might be bad in bed.

Sadly, seldom do people have it all. He might be all that, but he lays the pipe like an amateur. Or maybe he has a personality that sucks. But, if he's one in a million and has it all, then good or you! You scored a good one.



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