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10 things to consider if you want to have a flawless maternity shoot

Maternity shoots don't have to be boring

Actress Bridget Achieng during her Baby Bump Shoot

When it’s time for you to have a maternity shoot, you definitely want it to be mind-blowing.

You want people to see the photos, appreciate them and share them with their friends. Those viral maternity shoot photos don’t just happen by luck. They take a lot of planning, preparation and prowess. You definitely need to check a list of things if you want to have a flawless maternity shoot.

We have come up with tips on how to nail your maternity shoot:


1. The first step is to find a dope photographer

You could use references from friends who have had great photo shoots before. Depending on your theme, you need to be able to feel comfortable around this photographer, especially if you’re going to be doing a nude-y shoot.

You need someone who will be patient with you and guide you accordingly.

2. Choose your theme

What theme do you want to have? There are so maternity shoot themes from which you can select. It all boils down to what’s true to you, is in line with your personality and is practical and easily achievable.


For instance, you really wouldn’t have an underwater maternity shoot if you can’t swim. Again, if you don’t have a theme, you can also go for a simple portrait or studio shoot which is equally stunning.

3. Get your outfit right

Remember this is a maternity shoot. All focus needs to be drawn to the belly. Therefore, consider outfits that show off the belly. That’s the whole point of the shoot right?

You could even go for something as simple as an unbuttoned white boyfriend shirt and use your hands to cover the boobies or you could drape a flowy fabric around your body and have that wind blowing effect to make the fabric look like it’s flying.


Go for a simple hair and makeup look and avoid excessive or statement jewelry as this will take the attention away from the bump.

You could hire a makeup artist and stylist to help you look good if fashion and makeup is not your thing. Luckily, nowadays, most photography packages include makeup or have the option of having professional makeup done at a little extra cost.

4. Best time to have the shoot

The best time to get a pregnancy shoot is around the 7 month, when you’re just beginning the third trimester. At this point, your belly is big enough to make the photos pop and you have that cute pregnancy glow. Plus, at this point, the tiredness is not as much.


5. Consider if you want your partner or family in the shoot

While some women do the shoot alone, others prefer to have their partner and child or children in the shoot.

In this case, you will have to calm down the kids so that the shoot turns out great, if your kids are the stubborn kind, you might as well leave them out of the shoot and just have the hubs or you alone, it’s actually easier.

6. Go for a location or background that makes for a perfect aesthetic


In photography, location and subject are very important. Whether you’re doing a home indoor or outdoorsy on location shoot, you need to choose a location or background that will complement your theme.

It could be anywhere from a poolside, graffiti wall, grass field, beach, forest etc. You could have your photographer advise you on what works best.

7. Consider using props

To add some unexpected twist to your shoot, you could consider adding props such as a placard with your due date, your ultra sound, little shoes etc. You can get creative but do remember that less is more.


8. Test out different positions

Feel free, try different positions, you could have some photos taken while standing, laying down, sideway poses, resting bitch face, smiling shots, hands on the belly hands in the air, squatting position, seated position, etc., don’t just have shots while posing in one style.

At the end of the shoot, you want to have an array of different pics from which you can select your favs.

9. Carry some snacks


If you’re having an outdoor shoot, it could take forever, getting the light and angles right so do carry some snacks and water.

10. Have fun

It’s never that serious, don’t stress about it. Breath, relax, laugh, smile and just have fun with the shoot. The best kind of shoots most of the times are the ones where the subject is captured in the most raw moments.


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