Female sex struggles you will relate to

Ladies, true or false?

Female sex struggles (Courtesy)

Sex is a double-edged sword.

I say that because, while it’s all fun and games, it often comes towed with some negatives. No, seriously. Here are female sex struggles women will relate to:

1. Wondering whether to shave or not.

Do you know how hard it is to get to those tiny hairs hidden nauko chini.

2. Sometimes, you go through that whole process of shaving, only to get mediocre strokes smh.

3. When you wear a sexy matching bra and panty and seductively strip but the guy doesn’t even notice.

Like, like, I wore this for you damnit!

4. When the person has no fingering skills and you end up feeling pain after.

5. When you have sex and you end up with a slightly cracked perineum.

6. Or a swollen vagina – it happens folks.

7. When you do everything possible to climax but you still cannot cum.

8. Worse still, when you’re almost there then the guy changes the rhythm.

9. When you encounter a monster dick and some styles feel like a punishment.

10. When your vagina keeps farting aka queefing.

And since you feel conscious, you have to keep telling the guy "Oh, that's just my pussy hihi."

11. When sex makes your periods come earlier than expected.

12. When he comes inside you and now you have to walk to the bathroom like a duck,

with cum dripping on your thighs, questioning your bad decisions, and thinking of how you have to take an emergency pill and hoping you don’t have an STD.


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