There are many characters in every group of friends.

Every girl squad has a mother hen. That chic who checks everyone and acts like our mother. We have a love and hate relationship with her cause we feel that she should sometimes mind her business and stop mothering us, but then again, we also appreciate her taking care of us. Are you the mother hen of your group of friends? Here are signs:

1. You always make sure that the squad behaves on nights out, like, stopping the drunk one from being chipod.

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2. And when the drunk one needs to vomit, you’re always there to rub their back and hold their hair.

3. You ensure that everyone gets home in one piece and cannot sleep till you get the “home safe” texts.

4. You’re always the designated driver.

5. You encourage smart decision making and your girlfriends always come to you for advice on relationships, work and life in general.

6. You’re the shoulder to cry on when your girlfriends are going through a heartbreak or tough time.

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7. You’re always the one who settles scores when they arise among the squad.

8. When there’s an event you have all planned to attend, you make sure to send a reminder to everyone way before the event.

9. You also carry extra things in your bag, just in case. Chewing gum, tampons, pocket tissues, some snacks, etc.

10. You are the fixer. For some reason, you have the answer to everything.

Someone is sick? You have a solution; someone’s dress got torn on a night out? You got it. You’re a fixer and your girls love you for that.

11. You have had to apologize to strangers on behalf of your friends for their inappropriate behavior.

12. If one of your girls got arrested, they would call you first to bail them out.

13. Your friends have been mad at you countless times…

14. But also thanked you a dozen times for stopping them from making bad decisions.

15. They call you ‘Mom’ and tag you in memes like this.

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