20 baby names inspired by Valentine's Day

And not Valentine

Cute newborn(Stylish Eve)

Tick tock! Valentine’s is just around the corner. If your baby is due any time from now, why not get a Valentine’s Day-inspired baby name? After all, it’s the month of love. It will be your way of showing love to them.

Besides, we all love good names especially when they are linked to love. And your baby is gonna grateful that you chose such a nice name for them once they are grown. Check out some of them and make a choice:

1. Juliet – Remember Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare? Juliet or even Julie would make a great name for your girl.

2. Amora – means overflowing with love

3. Rose – who doesn’t love roses?

4. Daisy – perfect name for your girl

5. Jedi – means loved by God

6. Carys – means to love

7. Dove – doves are associated with lovebirds and your baby is a product of two lovebirds, right?

8. Freya – goddess of love

9. Carenza – means to love

10. Mila – Slavic name meaning dear

11. Querida – cute and unique Spanish name which means beloved

12. Sukey / Suki – Japanese name which means beloved

13. Roma – name your baby after the romantic city of Rome

14. Vida – means dearly loved in Hebrew

15. Ruby – like the red precious stone

16. Eros – derived from erotic

17. Amadeus – he who loves God

18. Daryl – means tenderly loved

19. Amanda – worthy of love

20. Pendo – Swahili name which means love


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