20 baby names with cutest nicknames

Short and sweet

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A name is like a gift you give to your child and most likely, they will hold it for the rest of their lives. That’s why it’s always important to think carefully about the choice of name you give to your baby. Uniqueness matters when it comes to baby names but there are other important factors to consider such as the meaning of the name. You will also want a sweet sounding name both in full and short form.

If you are yet to get a name for your unborn baby, check out these names with cute nicknames:

1. Amelia – Millie, Amie, Lia,

2. Alexandra – Xandra, Lexi, Xandra,

3. Isabelle – Bella, Belle, Izzy

4. Jayden – Jay, Jayde, Jayce

5. Gabriella – Ella, Gabbie, Briella

6. Leonardo – Leo, Lee, Leon

7. Eleanor – Elly, Eli, Nelly, Mora, Leonor

8. Victoria – Vic, Vicky, Tori, Ria

9. William – Will, Liam, Willy

10. James – Jamie, Jim, Jimmie, Jay

11. Theodore – Theo, Ted, Teddy

12. Nicholas – Nick, Nico, Nickie

13. Elizabeth – Liz, Lizzie, Libbie, Liza, Ellie

14. Beatrice – Triss, Bee, Trissa

15. Mirabella – Bella, Mira, Belle

16. Olivia – Olive, Livia, Liv

17. Christine – Tina, Chrissy, Christy, Chris

18. Susanna – Anna, Suzzy, Sue

19. Matilda – Tille, Mattie

20. Juliana – Jules, Julie, Anna, Julia


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