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3 terrible things Ben 10s do to sugar mummies

The following are terrible things that Ben 10s do to their sugar mummies

Terrible things that Ben 10s do to their sugar mummies

In the realm of sugar relationships, where financial support and companionship intertwine, there exists a darker side that often goes unspoken.

While the concept of a Ben 10s providing companionship to a sugar mummy may seem glamorous and enticing, there are instances where this dynamic takes a distressing turn.

This piece delves into the unsettling realm of the terrible things that some Ben 10s do to their sugar mummies, shedding light on the betrayal, deceit, and harm that can arise within these relationships.


It serves as a reminder that not all sugar relationships are built on trust and mutual respect, as some individuals exploit their positions for personal gain, leaving a trail of heartbreak and devastation in their wake.

In present times, there is a growing tendency among Ben 10s to engage in theft from their sugar mummies, particularly when the cougar is over 70 years old.

These individuals will go to great lengths to inherit vast properties, and they may even resort to extreme measures such as murder if it brings them closer to attaining wealth.


When word spreads about a woman having a Ben 10, it often leads to a loss of respect for that individual.

Many people mistakenly assume that the cougars are the ones reaping all the benefits from the relationship and merely using the sugar boys for their own advantage.

In many cases, Ben 10s tend to display good behavior during the initial months of their relationships with cougars, but eventually, their behavior changes significantly from what it used to be.

Disturbingly, there have been reported incidents in the recent past where Ben 10s have engaged in intimate relationships with their sugar mummies' daughters, resulting in a profound betrayal of trust.


Many of these incidents occur within the cougars' own homes, which only exacerbates the pain and betrayal experienced.


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