4 times when it's okay to keep your mouth shut

Silence is golden


But there are other times when keeping quiet is even more important. You will fight the urge to speak up hard, but trust you me, it’s gonna pay later.

So what are these times that you are better off silent? Here we go:

1. When you have no idea what you are saying

Let’s be honest, there are time you have no idea what you are saying-and you are not drunk. These are the times when your tongue is lose and if someone asked you later why you had to say that, you wouldn’t explain. Other times, you will just find people talking about the new technology and you want to join. But if you have no idea what the technology is all about, just shut your mouth instead of seeming like a fool.

2. When you are boring people

Good communicators know when they are boring people. And this is not only for public speakers-it’s for ordinary people as well who can’t tell the difference between being funny and being boring. Whether you are with your friends or family, you should know when to talk or shut your mouth. If you notice that they are losing interest in your tales, please spare them the boredom.

3. When you will offend someone

Yes you really need to say it. But what will that other person feel? If it will hurt their feelings or offend them, please keep it to yourself. Words are powerful enough to ruin a relationship that took you years to build.

4. When you have big plans

So you are planning to buy the latest car or take your bae to Dubai for a vacation? Just don’t say it yet. I know the excitement might be too much to be silent, but you never know what will happen next. Plans may fail and it will be embarrassing to explain what really happened.


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