Here are 5 differences between men who care about your sexual satisfaction and men who don’t

Where does your man fall?

How to know wheter your  man really cares about your orgasms [Sexville]


That is a term used in reference to sexual activity conducted quickly without tenderness or affection of any sorts. When it comes to sex, this is how some partners go about it, often leaving you unsatisfied and frustrated.

On the other hand, there are men who put your satisfaction in mind at all times. Even when it is a quickie, they are still committed to making it the best quickie you ever had.

This is how to differentiate one from the other. If your man falls short, you should do better to hold him to a higher standard:

1. One changes positions to make things better, one doesn’t

Sometimes, some positions could feel good and allow the man all the enjoyment necessary but could be very uncomfortable for you, or limits the enjoyment for you.

If he cares about your satisfaction, he’d switch to one more fitting for you both, if he doesn’t he won’t.

2. One asks if you like it, one doesn’t bother

A partner who cares about you and your chances of reaching orgasms asks if you like what is going on; asks if there is something else you would rather try, asks if you’re hurt or feeling discomfort.

One who does not care will not ask and might even ignore the signs if you put up some.

3. One rushes, one takes his time

If he is consciously playing things out to ensure that you get as much pleasure from the activity as he does, he’s doing right. If he always rushes to the point where he ejaculates and never bothers to make it up to you, he is not doing it right. That is not a sign of a man who cares whether the sex makes sense for you.

4. One goes down on you, one does not

If he is not giving you oral sex, that man gives no hoots about you getting pleasure from the whole experience. Knowing that a high percentage of women only ever cum from oral sex, a man who refuses to do it is surely not invested in making the experience worthwhile for you.

It’s especially worse when he refuses to give you but demands it from you.

5. One understands when to stop, one does not

When a man shows a willingness to put things on hold so that you can get in the right frame of mind before getting to sexual activity, it is a sign that he cares about you being in the moment with him.

If he is pressuring you despite a tiredness or reluctance on your part, he really doesn’t care that much.


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