5 instances when it's okay to tell bae "No"

You don't always have to do what bae tells you to do


Dating doesn’t have to feel like you’re locked up in some box. You should still maintain your freedom and be free to hang out with your friends and partake in activities and hobbies you would when you were single. You should not change for anyone if there’s nothing wrong with you. The right person will love you wholesomely. That said, here are instances when you’re allowed to say no to bae.

1. When they ask for more money.

If you already assisted them with some money and they keep borrowing, yet the money is not going into important use like paying for classes or basic needs like buying food, you should say no. Your money is yours alone and you’re entitled to tell your partner that you cannot assist them anymore. You might be dating a tick who is just with you to use you or maybe even they want money to feed their addictions like drinking or betting. So yes, you’re free to say no in such occasions.

2. When you don’t feel like having sex.

When you’re dating, it’s not everyday that you feel like getting down and dirty. One partner may want it and the other may not. You’re allowed to say “Not today babe.” What’s the point of having MEH sex just to please someone? Sex is great when you both really want it.

3. When they ask you not to hang out with your friends.

I do get that they may ask you not to hang out with a certain so and so because they are bad for you and maybe even toxic and they’re asking you to do so for your own good. But if there’s no reason as to why you should not hang out with certain friends, then your partner may be the clingy and insecure kind. You need to have a life outside of your relationship; your whole life should not revolve around your man or girl. That’s how the two of you end up getting bored of each other too soon. Point I’m trying to drive home? Say no to being controlled…

4. When they ask about confidential information.

Be it your ATM pin, how much you earn or even phone password. You’re entitled to say no. In my opinion, for your bae to have your pin numbers, you need to be at a certain point in the relationship. You need to be sure that  that person is the one and if you don’t feel that you’re there yet, then I think everyone should mind their damn business.

5. You feel it’s not right.

You should never say yes when deep down, your answer is no. Be unapologetically you. Not just in a relationship but also in life in general. If bae wants or says something that you feel is not right or does not go in line with your values and beliefs and it affects you or the relationship, you’re allowed to say no.


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