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5 mistakes women make when they get into a new relationship

Doing wifey shit for a fuck boy


That’s right. We get into a new relationship, hopeful about the future, but then we do everything wrong. We have to realize that some of the advice we take from our parents and friends is the very same one that leads to the end of the relationship. You have to be smart about the way you handle these modern-day men. That said, here are relationship mistakes you need to avoid:

1. Moving in with the guy way too soon.

I do agree that couples should live together before marriage to avoid any funny surprises. However, there’s a big problem with this. Now that Come-We-Stay relationships are legally recognized by the government, why would a man put a ring on it when you’re doing everything a wife is supposed to do, without the ring? Do you see my logic? Moving in with the guy puts him into a comfort zone he will probably not want to get out of anytime soon. That’s how some people end up dating for 9 years without any commitment. What’s the point? Unless, that’s how you roll?


2. Doing wifey shit for fuck boys.

Once in a while, you can cater to your man. But degrading yourself to be his house help is not the way to go about it. What are you gaining from that relationship? If the guy spoils you mad, at least you can tell yourself that you’re getting something in return, but this modern day, doing house chores for a man who is not even your husband for free, my sister, are you the UN? Quit that. Again, this will only make him comfortable. You want a guy to feel like he really needs your presence. Cook and clean for him every once in a while, but don’t make it a habit. Think of it as teasing him by showing him what you bring to the table. It’s like giving a child a taste of sugar then taking it away from him.

3. Trapping a man with a child.

In this economy? You wanna play that game? Listen. Do yourself a favor and take your pills. At the end of the day, if you get pregnant, it’s you against the world if you’re dating a good for nothing man. A baby will not make a man who doesn’t want you stay. Just take your contraceptives and when you’re both really ready to have a child, you will have one. Being a single parent is not easy, plus, you definitely don’t want to have a random, ashy ass who treats you like crap father your child. C’mon.


4. Ignoring the red flags.

“Maybe he will change after some time” “He said he was sorry” “He will not hit me again, it was a mistake”. Sis you know damn well that if a man shows you his true colors, take it as a sign from God and run. Ignoring the red flags will only hurt you in the near future and it’s better to be safe than sorry.


5. Trying to fix a man.

Are you his mother? If his own mother couldn’t fix him, if she didn’t raise a gentleman, what in the name of Moses makes you think that you can change him? Men never change. Old dogs do not learn new tricks. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Once a wife batterer, always a wife batter. You will only be stuck in a toxic relationship, growing old, waiting for this guy to man up and he never will.


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