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5 reasons why he won't commit, according to a dating expert

You don't take yourself seriously


They have been together for ages but the guy does not seem to be in a hurry to put a ring on it. There are many reasons why men are afraid to commit. In fact, we combed through some of the reasons why some men are commitment phobic. But what do dating experts have to say about why some men are not ready to commit? One of the most renown dating and relationships expert out there, Matthew Hussey dished out 5 reasons why he will not commit through his YouTube channel and it’s worth grabbing your notebook and pen for. So, without blabbering on, here are his reasons as to why your man has not committed yet:

1. He’s at his prime.

According to Hussey, most men work so hard when they’re younger to achieve certain goals later on in life and when they’re at their prime, the last thing they want is someone holding them back. It’s finally time to enjoy life. Think of a scenario where a man has spent the better part of his 20s in med school or law school and once he graduates, he gets a job, works his way up the ladder slowly but steadily and by the time he’s reached the peak of his career, he’s in his early or mid-thirties. At this point, he’s at his prime – he has is ducks in a row. A man like this probably never got to enjoy his 20s, he was working hard when his peers were sharing a bottle of Jameson in some average nightclub and now, he feels that it’s time for him to enjoy life a little bit before settling down. So, if a man is in his prime, then he’s not likely to commit. It’s living la vida loca for him.


2. He’s 75% sure about you.

What this means is that he spends time wondering whether you're a keeper or not. In a nutshell, if a man is 75% sure about you, it makes him 100% wrong for you. Hard to hear but isn’t that the truth?

3. His role models in life are all eternal bachelors.


From James Bond to all other bachelor role models he could have. But until he starts admiring more three-dimensionally evolved men, his views may not change.

4. A case of bad timing.

Maybe, he's just not ready to settle down or you met when he’s just made plans to travel the world or change jobs and such. Unfortunately, the right man at the wrong time is still the wrong guy for you.

5. You don’t take yourself seriously.


You sell yourself short and don’t see how valuable you are. Think of a scenario where you’re thrift shopping, and you come across a Dolce & Gabbana dress. You offer 800 but the seller asks for 1,200 because it’s quality. You too can see that its quality, it’s your lucky day and you have come across a designer wear in good shape. Chances are, you will agree to buy the dress at 1,200 or add something on top of the 800, because you believe in its quality. That’s how you should see yourself, like that designer dress. You should never sell yourself short. A real man who knows your value and will not let you go. But you have to value yourself first. At the end of the day, you teach people how they should treat you.


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