Here are 5 ways to avoid first year struggles in your marriage

Come out of that dreaded first year undefeated.

5 ways to avoid first year struggles in your marriage [Credit: LovePanky]

The first year of marriage is a feared period and has gained a reputation for being a potentially difficult period.

The possibility of starting the marriage on a very bad note is real and when this happens, the marriage never really hits the ground running. Obviously, it will take some special effort to make things work if the beginning was really awful and filled with troubles..

To avoid these problems, here are five tips that can really help:

1. Postpone childbearing

This allows you a little more time to be together with each other and really get to know each other without having anything else to fawn over or cause an unintended divide between you and your partner.

2. Spend quality time together

it can be easy to let your daily responsibilities get in the way of cultivating a healthy relationship but you should not allow it. Make sure you both are putting in effort to take each other on dates and leaving space for romance. The more time you spend together, the better.

3. Practice Kindness

One of the biggest indicators of a successful partnership is kindness. Be gentle with yourself and your significant other as you get into this new groove as life partners. Patience and kindness will be your greatest weapons against relationship conflict.

4. Your inner circle will be needed

Spending all the time in the together could soon get boring. One way to avoid this boredom and keep things interesting is to reasonably involve your best friends and members of your inner circle in your marriage. Go on double dates, or couples’ retreats and other things that involve other people.

5. Don’t let money come between you

Quite a lot of marriages are cut asunder due to money issues. Financial transparency is one thing that would help partners know that they are in the marriage together. Being open in all things fosters a different kind of closeness. And even more so when both partners can trust each other with financial secrets.


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