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6 stupid lies we used to believe as kids

Childhood memories


What was the dumbest thing you believed as a kid?

Our parents and our elder siblings made us hold on to some beliefs and today you look back and wonder how dumb you must have been to believe such things. Anyway, such was the naivety we had as kids and thanks heavens we now know better.

Whatever you believed as a kid may vary depending on your culture and wherever you grew up. All in all, we have tried to outline some common things people believed when growing up.


Here are some of them:

1. That children were bought from shops and markets.

No child would take that lie today but well, most of us believed it until much later after when teachers told us otherwise.

2. That going round some tree would change your gender.


How on earth did we even take this? In Kikuyu land for instance, you wouldn’t dare go round a mugumo tree lest you change into a boy or girl.

3. That Cain is a very tall man and he would pass every night outside the house.

Just because we were taught in Sunday school that Cain was sentenced to wander the earth forever, it made us believe that he only wandered at night and there was a likelihood to meet him if you walked in darkness.

4. Making us believe that laughing at a disabled person would make us disabled, or give birth to a child with disability was meant to make us know that it’s wrong.


But wouldn’t they have simply told us that it’s a bad behavior instead of instilling fear in us?

5. We loved making sexual-like noises with our tongues and lips but we did it innocently.

But because our parents knew so well what the sound was like, they would shout at you to stop making the sounds claiming that the sound attracted snakes.

6. That some wild leaves brought luck your way.


If you were late for school or misbehaved at home, you knew so well that you would get some whipping. But we strongly believed that picking some leaves and putting them in our pockets or reciting some mantra would save us. And sometimes it did work hahaa.


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