6 times you should never text a guy

Resist the urge


However, there are other times that it’s just not necessary. When all you need to do is be silent and resist the urge to text him even though you really miss him.

Here are such times when you should never text a guy:

1. When he is not responding

If you text him once and he doesn’t respond, just let him be. Utmost, you can text him twice but never more than that. If he still doesn’t respond, just leave him. He might be busy, not in the mood of chatting or forgot his phone. If he cares as you do, he will get back to you as soon as he sees the message.

2. When he is at work

Unless you are both into texting each other all day long, never text a guy when he is at work. Unless you want to pass an important message, it makes you seem too dumb to understand that he is busy at work.

3. When he is with his buddies

Now ladies, if it’s his day with his boys, just let him enjoy the moment. Again, you can only text him if it’s important. Otherwise, don’t engage him in small talk when he is having a good time with his friends. It makes you look so needy and clingy.

4. When you have nothing to say

Most men hate small talk. And if all you gonna say is ‘hi’ and the conversations comes to an end, don’t do it. Spare your energy until when you can both have a concrete conversation that flows naturally. Nothings sucks like a forced conversation.

5. In the middle of the night

So you just woke up in the middle of the night and you want to tell him about that dream you’ve just had about him? Well, keep it to yourself until morning. Texting him at such moments makes you look desperate and he may not take you seriously.

6. Every single morning

He may never say it, but your every morning messages are not so welcome. At least not every day. The fact that he makes no effort to be sweet to you with morning messages is enough proof that he cares less about such stuff. So why go the extra mile trying to be sweet anyway?


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