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6 ways you are destroying your child's life unknowingly

And they will blame you for it


How? You ask. Below are just some of the ways you might be ruining your child’s life:

1. Making things easy for them

We understand that you don’t want to see your kid fail but doing all you can to simplify things for them isn’t good for them. Give your child a chance to try, fail, try again until they get it right. If they are struggling finding an answer to their homework, don’t be too first to help. Let them try several times before you come in.


2. Too much pressure

In as much as you want them to perform excellently, don’t overdo it. Failure is part of life and you should let them learn that. Pressing them too hard academically might stress them out and make them live with fear of failure. So long as they are doing their best, don’t pressure them.

3. Yelling

Sometimes we all get so angry and all we want is yell out our emotions. But you should not always direct your anger at your children when they have nothing to do with it. And even if they made you angry, you are the grown up here. So, act like one, control your emotions and talk to them instead of yelling. Otherwise, you will bring up kids who shy away from expressing themselves because they are afraid of being scolded.


4. Not letting them to be kids

Kids are kids so better let them be kids. We have all seen parents who don’t want their kids to play to avoid soiling their clothes or because they think the kid should always be in the study room. Let them have a chance to be children since this is the only time they can enjoy their childhood.

5. Fighting in their presence

Regardless of the intensity of your emotions, just hold them until the kids are gone to school or sleep. Fighting in their presence will not only harm them psychologically but it also affects their future perception of marriage.

6. Withholding sex education


Well, they will still learn it in school but that does not exempt your from teaching them about sex education. Be free with your children so that you will have an easy time talking to them about the danger of unprotected sex and the likes.


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