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7 signs you are dating an immature guy

He needs some growing up lessons


But you must be mature yourself in order to detect an immature man. If your man does this things, there is no debating about his immaturity:

1. Never accepts mistakes

He knows so well that he is in the wrong but will never accept or even apologize. Apparently, such men tend to think that accepting their mistakes is not manly enough. If you have such a man, you got some real tasks to help him grow up.


2. He is dependent on others

If he still depends on his parents for everything yet his age mates are busy hustling, then he needs some maturity lessons. Only an immature man counts on his parents and friends for support yet make no effort to get a job. Worse even if he depends on you as his girlfriend and he thinks it’s okay.

3. Poor decision making

We do not always make the best decisions every time. However, if every time your man makes decisions you are left wondering why on earth someone would be so unreasonable, sorry but you have to deal with his immaturity.


4. Unreasonable

He wants to see you within ten seconds and you tell him to give you 15 minutes because you had gone to visit a friend. Instead of waiting, he gets infuriated and won’t talk to you for the next one week because he thinks things should always happen his way.

5. Never commits

First, he is not even sure of what he wants. So, he cannot commit himself to anything-not even a one hour date. You will make date plans and he will keep you waiting before failing to show up.


6. No plans for future

Immature men only live in the present. He will never save or invest because he believe in fully living the moment. And the worst thing is that you cannot convince them otherwise.

7. Tries to make you jealous

He flirts with other girls on social media and you can tell that he is only trying to make you jealous. But wait, what are you still doing with such a man child in your life?


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