Society has a wicked agenda against men

The media rarely highlights successful affair-proof marriages

Where is this agenda coming from? What is it aimed at?

The truth is that the picture that we see in the media is not accurate. This is because there are solid marriages out there which have not been highlighted yet. There are men who have maintained their integrity in keeping the one-woman-policy man.

Kennedy 28, says that he has never played his girlfriend ever in his entire life. In four years he has remained faithful.

Temptations do come. He acknowledges that there are very many available opportunities to bend the rules and go scot free. However the moral fabric that he is built on sways him to look away and walk.

“It is a deliberate decision,” says Kennedy.

Kenyans and men in general need to understand that you do have a choice. It is actually possible to remain faithful and live with one woman all your life.

The late Myles Monroe was married to his wife for more than forty years. He always emphasized that in all the days of marriage, he and Ruth Munroe never ever had a single bad day. Myles said that successful relationships and marriages are a matter of principle and not emotions.

Men should come out to the public and start disputing the fact that society is hell-bent on making them cheaters. Women cheat too but it is not given as much traction as the men.

Of course you cannot entirely blame the society because men are also equally guilty. They give all kinds of excuses including blaming the devil like we saw bongo star Diamond do.

The devil is not to blame sir. Your lack of discipline is.

However I know that there are heroes of chastity out there who are living happy lives with their wives.

As men we should resist with utmost zeal to be made what we are not. We are faithful, trustworthy, dependable and true.

When a man makes a mistake he should just own up, learn and never make that mistake again.

Therefore media and the society should also make a deliberate effort to turn the light on real successful marriages. Let society start celebrating men of integrity. They are actually there.

Let the media stop peddling mistrust and casting doubts on whether a man can be faithful. Women should know that the truth is not always what you are made to believe by every form of media. Social media, TV, radio e.t.c have been used to front this fallacy that men must cheat.

As a result people get into relationships with a Plan B in case the relationship fails. That is how affairs are bred because there is no trust.

However, if the audience is shown that marriage and relationships can work, their attitudes will change. If a man sees a fellow man winning against temptation and becoming faithful he will be motivated to do so.


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