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Annoying texting habits we all hate

Bad grammar


It’s easy and convenient, as you can quickly reply to a message even during a meeting. However, texting is not always seamless. A lot can be misinterpreted during texts, not forgetting that a lot of people just don’t have the basic texting etiquette.

Here are some annoying texting habits we all dislike:

1. When you text someone multiple questions but they only reply to one question or worse still, goes on to say everything else BUT reply to the questions.


2. Taking forever to reply.

If I wanted a reply after 8 hours or something, I could’ve sent a letter or something. Texts are supposed to be quick and convenient.

3. Oversue of emojis and GIFs.


Too much of everything is poisonous. Even over-use of emojis and memes. There’s this one person that floods my Whatsapp with memes and while some are funny, after about two or three per day, it kinda gets tiring.

4. Bad grammar.

You can shorten your texts. That’s fine and understandable, but you should also have different languages for different people. For example, if you’re texting your boss or a potential employer, you cannot use bad grammar like writing hae/hy instead of hi. It’s not only annoying but it also makes you look like you’re not a person who should be taken seriously.

5. Starting a conversation that’s clearly, going nowhere.




"How are you?"

"Good. You?"



6. Using all caps.

It sounds rude and comes off as though you’re shouting. Can we just stick to small letters while texting please?

7. Calling someone instead of replying.

Obviously, if someone wanted to call you, they could’ve called instead of texting. Nothing more annoying than someone calling you when it’s not necessary. Just text back damnit!

8. Sending unnecessary forwards and unsolicited d*ck pics.


Just don't. Seriously.


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