Some of you already know this but for the sake of those who dont, if youre not getting those orgasms in bed, you might need to start wearing socks while doing the deed.

Some people find it uncomfortable to wear socks while sleeping. It's totally understandable cause sometimes the feet get too hot. However, this is good for coitus!

Having sex while you're wearing nothing but socks sounds pretty weird right?

But according to a study by researchers at the University of Groningen, they found that 80% of couples reached an orgasm while wearing socks compared to 50% of couples who could climax without wearing socks.

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So, what's the somewhat bizarre correlation between scoks and the big juicy O?

We will school you; socks keep you warm at night and this helps the blood vessels in your feet dilate, allowing blood flow and this subsequently helps you relax and doze off quickly and not just that, if you're having sex while wearing socks of course, you're most likely to reach your orgasm.

So next time you're getting down and dirty, slip on some clean socks and enjoy the ride...literally.