9 bedtime habits that could be hurting your relationship

These things could be sabotaging your relationship

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Did you know that your bedtime habits could be sabotaging your relationship? That’s right. The very things you have become accustomed to before taking your forty winks could be what’s causing tension between you and bae. Normally, bedtime should be just that, bedtime. But, many a times we get distracted by other things and before we know it, a terrible habit is formed, one that becomes hard to quit. That being said, you need to quit these bedtime habits that could be ruining your relationship.

1. Bringing work to the bedroom.

Nope. No laptop, no “Just one more email and I’m done.” In fact, if you’re dating and living with your partner, you should not bring home work in the first place. After work hours are meant for relaxing and unwinding after a long day. So, if you take work to the bedroom, it’s high time you stopped that and reserved that time for your partner.

2. Similarly, using phones in bed.

That tweet or Instagram post can wait. Is your partner so boring that you have nothing to say to them? Instead of being on your phone, find out how their day was, what the highlight was, what made them happy and sad during the day, etc, it sounds like such a small matter but it’s really important to check in on each other. You’ll be surprised at just how much people bottle up emotions.

3. You go to bed angry.

Many couples who have been married for many years say that one of the biggest secrets to a happy marriage is not going to bed angry at each other. This is because the grudge will just continue the next day and so on so forth. It’s normal to have conflict in a relationship, however, a strong couple knows how to resolve conflict amicably and maturely. Don’t let your ego and pride take over. If you were in the wrong, apologize, talk about it and resolve the issues before sleeping.

4. Poor hygiene.

You have been working the whole day. Have a rule whereby you shower and brush before bedtime. Sure, it’s not always possible everyday but at least freshen up. The last thing anyone wants is to sleep next to someone who stinks. This also affects intimacy, because, how will you even kiss someone with bad breath?

5. You skip the pillow talk.

Talk sweet nothings to each other. You don’t have to have sex everyday of course but, have some sexy time together. Give each other that hair stroke and passionate kiss. Don’t forget to spoon or hold each other as you await to doze off.

6. Your bedroom is full of clutter.

Your bedroom needs to be inviting. It needs to be a place you look forward to going to after a long day of work. A cluttered room full of filth, unfolded clothes, and clutter everywhere is an eye sore and this can be a mood and energy kill. Make sure you de-clutter and have a neat and organized bedroom which will set the mood.

7. Stop allowing your kids to come sleep with you.

Unless sick or they’re infants, kids should always sleep in their bedroom. No excuses. They should not see any sexual activities going on between the two of you and if they’re present in the room, they will hinder you from having a good time and in the long run, that can hurt the relationship.

8. You sleep at different times.

This can be hard if your schedules are completely different. But you should always try to go to bed at the same time so as not to bother each other. Imagine a scenario where you went to bed at 9.00 pm but the other person is watching a loud movie? Or comes to bed later and they’re making so much noise? This can interrupt sleep and no one really wants that. While still on this point, do not at one point decide to sleep apart maybe because one of you snores or something like that. This will eventually become a habit and before you know it, you’re no longer interested in each other.

9. Make sure you get the actual good sleep.

Yup. Get the recommended 8 hours of sleep for better energy and overall health of the body and mind. 


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