Biggest mistakes people make when choosing a partner

Make your choices wisely

An angry black couple [Credit: The Rut]

Getting married is a big decision that you may only have to make once in life. If you are choosing a partner with marriage in mind, you have to think carefully about it. This is someone you will have to live with for the rest of your life.

Many marriages end in divorce because people make bad decisions when choosing a spouse. You only realize that you do not suit each other after marriage. To avoid getting yourself in such a situation, be careful not to make these common mistakes that people make when choosing a partner:

1. Worrying about the biological clock

Women, in particular, worry too much about getting married especially after age 30. But before you settle with someone, ask yourself if you are ready to share the same bed with that person for the next 40 years or more. If not, then they are not right for you.

2. Giving in to societal pressure

Everyone thinks you should be married at a particular age and they pressure you to settle down. But you got your own life to live. Even if your parents like your partner so much, they cannot really determine who is perfect for you.

3. Jumping in too quick

Take your time to know the person well enough before marrying them. Only time will tell if they are really the one and if you can stand each other.

4. Choosing a partner depending on what other’s think

Your friends and relatives may think that you are a match made in heaven. But what do you think? You are the one who will have to deal with your partner for years, not them.

5. Thinking you can change your partner

If there are things your partner does and they bother you, don’t marry them thinking you will transform them.

6. Being afraid to be alone

If your partner does not make you happy, don’t just hold on to them because you are afraid to be alone and single. There is plenty of fish in the sea.

7. Considering only looks

Looks are the first thing that will attract you to your partner but they should not be the biggest determiner. What if someone is pretty but dumb? You will have so many indifferences in the future that may kill your marriage.


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