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10 signs your boss is hitting on you

Watch out for these signs

It's not always that we work for organizations where thee boss is a nice person. Some bosses throw the little ounce of professionalism left in them out of the window, forget that it's a work environment and start making advances at female colleagues. Have you been in a position where you felt like the boss was hitting on you? We have compiled some signs to look out for:

1. Too many private meetings.


He will constantly plan meetings for things that don't even require a meeting or something that he could've simply told you over the phone. The so called meeting is just an excuse to see you in private more often.

2. He gives you work late or asks you to stay a little bit after work.

3. He favors you compared to other employees.

4. He values your opinions more.

You could be in a boardroom not making much sense in whatever you're saying and he could still say "I agree with you Ann".


5. He offers you gifts.

Bringing you perfume after a Dubai trip? Hmm...he probably fancies you.

6. He tells you his personal problems.

If he feels comfortable enough to tell you all about his personal issues and life, that probably means he fancies you.

7. He wants to take you out to lunch or dinner outside of work.


Probably somewhere quiet away from the prying eyes of your work colleagues.

8. He gets touchy feely.

9. Makes eye contact.

10. Personal calls and emails.


Whatsapping you at 9.00 pm? That should tell you something.


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