Looking for a lovely baby name for your baby? As you already know, names are pretty important. You don’t just pick a name because it’s cute or because it’s popular. You have to dig deep and know the meaning of the name you are giving your baby.

Usually, different names will mean different things in different cultures. That is another thing you will have to consider when getting a name for your little one.

In case you are looking for a name that means or is inspired by love, you are not lost. We have listed some of the cutest baby names for both girls and boys that mean ‘love’.

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Girls baby names that mean love

Pretty baby girl(Beautiful)
Pretty baby girl(Beautiful)

1. Davina – Scottish baby name that means beloved

2. Aimee – means beloved in French

3. Vida – dearly beloved

4. Amada – loved or beloved in Spanish

5. Pendo – Swahili name for love

6. Freya – goddess of love

Cute baby names for girls
Cute baby names for girls

7. Milada – Slavic baby name. Means ‘my love’

8. Mina – of German origin and it means love

9. Arabella – loving/lovable

10. Kalila – dearly beloved in Arabic

11. Dilan – means love in Turkish

12. Myrna – means beloved in Celtic and Irish cultures

13. Adabel – lovely

14. Lida/Leda – loved by all

Boys baby names that mean love

Baby names that mean love
Baby names that mean love

1. Davin – male version of Davina

2. Lennan – lover

3. Fenmore – dear love

4. Lowell – dearly beloved

5. Jed/Jedi – means beloved in Hebrew

6. Amadeus/Amadeo – love of God

7. Dayson – beloved

8. Gerwyn – fair love

9. Darrel – beloved

10. Romeo – remember Romeo and Juliet?

11. Wilmer – famous and loved