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3 reasons why bae is always "broke"

Broke blokes?

But wait, can you even buy the idea of being broke forever? If he is working, there is no way he will always be broke. If your bae is one of this kind, count yourself doomed girl.

There are various reasons as to why your guy is always complaining about being broke. Some of them include:

He is genuinely broke

He might be working but still be broke because he has too many responsibilities. Maybe, he just earns enough to pay his bills and can hardly afford 100 bob to get you some fries. It is also possible that he pays school fees for his younger siblings or medication for ailing relatives. So, if he says he is broke, it may be true that he is indeed broke.


Being stingy

Some men are simply stingy. And since he cannot tell you that he is not willing to spend on you, he will always cover up by pretending to be broke. We all know there are guys who are stinking rich but cannot even offer to take you out for a weekend.

Side dish

This is harsh, right? But it’s the bare truth. If the guy does not value you, he will not spend his hard-earned money on you. These are the type of guys who are there to use you and if you are not careful, they will even use your money to pamper their main chics.


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