In a world where every woman is fighting to defend their rightful place in the society and campaign for gender equity, it is not very likely to get to get a life partner who can stand by you through thick and thin.

The modern woman is now empowered and knows her rights and privileges as a woman. Some of the women who are well educated and wealthy would rather lead a single life than have to deal with marriage issues.

However, there are celebrity couples who have indeed proven to the world that money is nothing: and that indeed marriage can actually work even when both partners are wealthy and in the limelight.

What follows is a list of celebrity couples who’ve stood by each other and we can maybe borrow some tips from them regarding a successful marriage;

1. These two have been married for 23 years and are still standing strong. The older they get, the sweeter their love becomes. Their heroic journey is an inspiration to many Kenyans who look up to them.

2. Wahu and Nameless have been married for a hooping 13 years and have not allowed their fame to bring down their marriage. Unlike most celebrities, they prefer keeping their lives out of the public.

3. This power couple has everyone talking and yes, they are enviable. They are the first couple in Kenya to anchor news together and their Swahili is flawless.

4.  The two got married in a private wedding in 2013 and they seem to be enjoying every bit of their marriage. Their marriage may not be perfect one but it is indeed working.

5. Former TV  girl, Janet Mbugua was one of the highest paid journalists in Kenya. The two recently celebrated their 3 years wedding anniversary and are proud parents of two.

6. Brought together by their love for sports, the two seem inseparable and have grown together and made their marriage  an enviable entity.