5 signs you are not ready for a new relationship

Give yourself time

Single man

Getting into a new relationship is not easy. You need to be mentally and emotionally prepared and many a times, people just blindly fall in love. Of course, everyone is free to love whomever they want but, if you’re not careful, you’re only going to hurt yourself or the other person sooner than later and no one wants to go through a heartbreak. If you’re not ready to get into a new relationship, it’s only fair that you enjoy your single life till you feel that you’re ready to love again. That being said, here are signs that you’re not ready for a relationship.

1. You’re not over your ex.

Nothing is more annoying than starting to see someone and they cannot stop talking about their ex. My ex this my ex that and what not. That is clearly someone who is not over their ex and is carrying a lot of emotional baggage. They’re yet to heal from their past heartbreak and if they’re getting into a new relationship, chances are, it’s a rebound.

2. You have major trust issues.

Have you ever met someone that questions everything you do in the relationship? Insecurity and trust issues stem from deeper issues and someone that has a hard time trusting other people should probably not get into a relationship till they fix themselves. At the end of the day, trust is what holds a relationship together and without it, it’s a waste of time. Work on those insecurities first.

3. You just want to use someone.

You want someone to take care of you financially, help you with school or basically just do wife duties for you. No, that’s not a reason to get into a new relationship. It’s selfish to use people or to be in a one-sided relationship. At least, let the person know that you’re not ready for a serious relationship and leave it up to them to decide if they want to still be in your life or not. But, leading people on with the intent to use them for your own good is evil.

4. You have a wandering eye.

You simply cannot see yourself with one person. You get into a relationship but find yourself checking out other people, actively using dating apps, cheating and what not. What’s the point of being in a relationship? Enjoy your single-hood till you feel that you genuinely want to settle down.

5. You have way too much going on in your life.

Maybe you just started a new job, school or working on whatever projects you could be working on at the moment. That means that you will not have so much time to dedicate into a new relationship. Thing is, a new relationship needs time and effort to make it work. If you’re too busy with life, getting your ducks in a row and what not, that’s fine, stay single till you have time. 


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