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We went bankrupt- Collo's wife reveals

Collins ‘Collo’ Majale was a household name for years back in early 2000 when he and his boy band of three (Collo, Nyashinksi and Roba) took over the airwaves with club bangers such as Tuendelee and Swing Swing.

However, their fame was short lived when the trio broke up and all of them followed different paths.

While not much is known about Roba, Nyashinski and Collo recently got back in the music industry with a bang.

For Collo, a few things changed. Instead of continuing to create steamy panty dropping tunes, he came back a reformed man and released hit song, Bazokizo which is now riding high as one of the most popular songs in the country.


But for change to happen, his wife of eight years Phoebe Ayaya Majala revealed that things had taken a turn for the worst.

Speaking to Parents Magazine, she spoke of a broken marriage, separation and money struggles she never thought would be part of her life story.

They met each other at a time when Phoebe had just lost her mother and was going through a difficult time and had gone back to partying and drinking.

She was introduced to Collo by a friend while nursing a hangover. Still, they connected and soon they started living together.

Troubled Love and Separation


But their love life was not as romantic as she thought it would be. Phoebe, an established Advocate of the High Court of Kenya confesses to constantly fighting with Collo over his carelessness and his party life as a member of the then popular band of three, Kleptomaniacs.

Phoebe confesses to have reached a point where she couldn’t take it anymore. She upped and left with their daughter and moved back in with her father who was exhilarated by her return.

She reveals that her father never liked Collo and didn’t think that he deserved her as his wife.

“He wasn’t exactly Collo’s fan. He was also not convinced Collo deserved his daughter – an advocate of the High Court of Kenya!”

However, their daughter, Tawala's cries for her father made Phoebe move back in with Collo just weeks after separation. They lived like strangers, not speaking to each other for weeks.


Deep in debts

It took a book, The Power of a Praying Wife- brought to Phoebe by her sister, for life at the Majalas’ house to change.

She was determined to introduce her man to God, however, Collo was one tough nut to crack. She says it took so much for him to finally agree to go to church.

Only her win was short lived.

Financial issues came banging at their door when Collo was fired from his job after losing an office laptop.


“Before then, we had never had a problem with money. We had everything and extras, including the money! In a flash it was gone and we found ourselves in debt,” she explains.

Stripped of the glitz n’ glam and left with nothing but each other, Collo and Phoebe had to get real and iron out their problems.

“We couldn’t hide from each other because we were all we had. We were stripped before each other. None of our friends and family members knew how deep our situation was,” she adds.


It is then that the duo went back to church and dedicated their lives to Christ.


Collo went back into music, only this time, he was a man of God with the intentions to win more souls to Christ.

His song, Bazokizo is not only of the most popular Gospel songs in the country right now, it is considered one of the most influential with its upbeat dance moves.

Battles scars healed and a bright future ahead for the Majalas, Phoebe expresses her gratitude for who her husband and the father of her child has become.

“Seeing the man he has now become is one of the reasons I judge God faithful.”


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