It can take a lot to get a woman angry but when you do get her angry, it’s wise to carefully think about the next words that will be coming out of your mouth.

Since every woman will respond differently to what their man says when they are angry, maybe learning what not to say can help when in such a situation.

Here are five things men say to an angry woman that make her angrier.

1.Calm down

When a woman is at the height of her anger, the last thing she wants you to tell her is to calm down. It can come off like you’re telling her not to blow off the steam or vent. Let her vent and say whatever she wants to say.

2.Why are you angry? It’s not that big of a deal

It may not be a big deal to you but it is a big deal to her.

3.It’s that time of the month right

Regardless of whether she actually is on her period or not, this is one thing to never say to a woman when she’s angry. She could be dropping some really important issues and you may be dismissing her because you think she’s PMSing.

4.You sound like your mother

Most women love their mothers but don’t want to be compared to them. It makes close to no sense to see a comparison to your mother as an insult but in that context it will come out as such.

5.Are you crazy?

Avoid saying this to an angry woman at all costs. You’re once again invalidating her feelings and honestly just offending her in the process.