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Crazy things we all did back in high school

What’s the craziest thing you did in high school?


This is probably not for those who went to posh schools. Not because they did not have crazy moments but simply because they cannot relate to the kind of life we experienced in ordinary secondary schools.

Well, some of the moments we had were definitely not the best but today you just look back and laugh. And sometimes you can’t believe you actually did certain things. Let’s take you back to the old good days:

1. Locking your water under the bed


This was the only way to protect your water lest you wake up to an empty bucket.

2. Hiding foodstuff

If you never squeezed chapatis between the sanitary towels, you missed the fun. You would do the unthinkable to sneak in some food. Even though it meant hiding the food next to the toilets, it didn’t really matter.

3. Running to get the ‘top layer’


This was the only tasty and nutritious part of the githeri. It was also the only proof that the food was fried.

4. Paper 2

This was the second plate. And you had to be very wise or the cook notes that he had already served you.

5. Being punished to sleep during the day

Honestly, this was my best. You were caught sleeping in class, the next day you carried your bedding and sleep outside. The heat though!


6. Eating stale food

After visiting day, you would keep the remains for the next week. Teachers must have had a very hard time with the mixed gases that were being released afterward in class.

7. Faking sickness

You would feign sickness to go home or miss preps.


8. Copying Maths assignments

Only Maths geniuses never did this.

9. Stealing socks, shirts, and blouses

This was not a big deal. If someone took your clothes from the lines, you had to replace them.


10. Scrambling for the ugali crust (ukoko)

There was no better breakfast unless you had a school canteen.


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