Cute and short baby names for boys

Chaguo kwako

Baby names(Imágenes y fondos)

When choosing a baby name, you may want to choose a very unique name for your little one.

And all that is okay but there are also other factors to consider such as the simplicity of the name. If you don’t not want your baby to have to struggle learning the spelling of their name, then you might consider keeping it simple. And not just simple but also short and cute.

And since we already gave you a list of short and sweet baby names for girls, below is a similar one but for boys:

1. Leo

2. Ted

3. Eli

4. Jay

5. Max

6. Lee

7. Clark

8. Craig

9. Ethan

10. Finn

11. Leon

12. Liam

13. Lyle

14. Lynx

15. Miles

16. Orion

17. Deon

18. Abe

19. Carl

20. Ray


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