Cute baby names that mean ‘hope’

Because hope keeps us going

Cute baby(blog.cleveland)

Hope is all that keep us going. Even when times are hard, you can only hope that they will get better.

From the time you know that you are pregnant, you hope that you and the baby will be fine till the due date. You even hope that the delivery shall be successful and you will be the best mom ever. It’s all about hope.

How better could you keep this hope a live than by giving your baby a name that means ‘hope’? This shall always be a reminder that you have to remain hopeful when you are at the verge of losing hope. These names are not only unique but also sweet for your little one:

1. Dillon – ray of hope

2. Chislon – means hope in Hebrew

3. Raza

4. Deene – French name meaning hope

5. Tumaini – this Swahili name is cute and unique

6. Nadine

7. Munia – hope and wish in Arabic

8. Tamanna – means hope in Indian

9. Nadia

10. Amala

11. Esperanza – such a lovely Spanish name

12. Laelynn – means flower of hope

13. Zita – little hope

14. Nadelle

15. Asha


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